“Il Viale”, the rosa pearl of our vineyeard

There is an important new in our vineyeard. "Il Viale" made by a cultivar to be rediscovered in purity "Magliocco".

Magliocco is one of the most representative native grapes of Calabria.

The grape harvest has been carried out exclusively by hand: the result was exceptional.

"Il Viale" is a rosé wine with 13% alcohol, brilliant pale pink color. It reveals a beautiful florality, integrated with notes of red berries, blackberries and cherries. The taste is fresh and consistent but rich and pleasant. The olfactory memory is maintained by a long olfactory persistence.

As an aperitif but also with pasta and light sauces, white meats, mushrooms, truffles and fresh cheeses. Serve between 10° to 12° C.

Il Viale

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